What kind of local beer would I like?

So glad you asked. The best beer is the one in your hand! But if you’re looking for a serious response, here are a couple starting points, and some more thorough suggestions will be available in our blog posts.

Do you typically drink a standard pale lager (like Stella, Peroni, Heineken etc)? Some independent breweries make that style too! A good jumping off point would be to try a pale ale, since nearly every brewery makes one… but they have quite a bit more flavour than a lager! Pilsner is a suitable choice too, though they will have a little more bitterness than the standard lager.  Are you a Guinness fan? Although it is dark in colour, this classic example of a Dry Irish Stout has a bittersweet flavour, medium body and dry roasty finish. These qualities can also be found in beers like Porters and Brown ales. Less common but very delicious, give a dark lager a try!  In the UK, many people usually reach for a pint of Bitter. Those beers have a moderate alcohol content, a lightly sweet & nutty flavour, and hearty bitter finish. That’s not too dissimilar to the Pale Ale- and then a step up in alcohol and bitterness from that is the West Coast IPA. We’ve got posts coming soon which describe these related options in more detail. Find out what’s similar to the straightforward lager, lovely dark beer options for Guinness fans, and tasty choices for the Bitter drinkers. There are wonderful choices even folks who prefer wine. A beer for everyone!