Dear breweries and independent beer retailers

Make sure we know how to get your beer! If you are a small independent business that wants to continue providing the best beers to those that love them, please list your take-out or delivery service here. Breweries, Bottleshops and independent bars and pubs are all welcome. The service is completely free to use as the website is being funded by many industry supporters.

This website is intended for the businesses that are most at risk. We ask that large businesses and those that are supported by large chains or investors do not use this service and allow the space for those that most need it.
Good brewing!

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Use this form to let beer lovers of Europe know how they can get beer from your business to their homes. Independent breweries, independent beer retailers and independent bars and pubs are all welcome. This is a free service supported by industry suppliers. Your details will be stored securely and will not be used for any other reason than for your listing on the Beer is Here website and for contacting you if we need to.