Beer doesn’t have to be complicated, and neither does the Beer is Here directory! Find guidance below for the website, and for learning about beer!

  • What is Beer is Here?

    Beer is Here is a totally free directory of places you can buy great beer. Brewing industry suppliers got together to support the small and independent breweries by creating this platform- so you can find them!

  • How do I use Beer is Here?

    Hit the Search Now button, select your country from the drop-down, pop your town or postcode into the search bar and click the search button. Results based on the location you entered are displayed by proximity so you can find your closest purveyor!

  • Does Beer is Here deliver?

    Beer is Here is a directory, so it doesn’t have a shopping cart or delivery option- but the search results each tell you if they offer takeaway, delivery, or both. Click the “Visit Website” button on one of your search results to shop from their offerings.

  • Why isn’t [specific brewery or retailer] listed in the directory?

    We’d love to have them listed! Ask your favourite independent bar/brewery/retailer to join the directory (again, it’s totally free to everyone!) by going to the BeerIsHere.org website and clicking the “Sign Up” button at the top of the page.

  • Why is Beer is Here centred around independent or “craft” beer?

    Small businesses have had an especially hard time surviving the pandemic economy. Independent shops are also a keystone for healthy communities. While there is a time and place for every kind of beer, Beer is Here was developed to explicitly help out those businesses that need it most, and to support the variety and longevity of indy beers into the future.

  • What is craft beer?

    Craft beer is actually pretty hard to define! Most organisations and people agree that “craft beer” comes from a brewing company that is “small” and independent. Vague enough for you? Industrial production is a different world from craft brewing. A clear feature of the craft beer community is the passion and spirit - creative, thoughtful, and fun, with a constant drive for improved quality. This is why you can find so very many kinds of beer from independent breweries and retailers; the innovation and wacky ideas make for a wonderfully diverse selection!

  • Where can I get some craft beer?

    Use Beer is Here to find out where! It’s quite likely that an independent brewery is very near you! If not a brewery, there’s probably a retailer like a beer shop, liquor store, or pub with takeaway or delivery options. Select your country, enter your town or postcode, and find a nearby outlet for some local options.

  • What kind of local beer would I like?

    So glad you asked. The best beer is the one in your hand! But if you’re looking for a serious response, here are a couple starting points, and some more thorough suggestions will be available in our blog posts.

  • Is craft beer more expensive?

    In a word, yes – due to economies of scale, a small producer in any industry is going to have proportionally larger costs than a huge company. However, there is a totally different impact when you buy a product from a smaller company.

  • Is beer healthy?

    Well… any alcoholic beverage can be dangerous when consumed in large quantities. Please drink responsibly! A balanced diet is very important.

  • Is independent beer safe?

    Yes, it is as safe as any beer from a large company. No matter what size brewery, all equipment must go through cleaning processes before and after the beer is made. Sometimes beers get recalled, but that happens to large companies as often as small ones- not that often!

  • Is beer from my local brewery weird?

    Maybe! People are creative… But they also will make a more “normal” option – talk to them and ask for a suggestion. You might find a new favourite!

  • Will I become a hipster if I start drinking beer?

    Absolutely not. Beards and tattoos not necessary.