What the heck is “Craft Beer”?

It’s a surprisingly difficult term to define! Most organizations and people agree that the term “craft” beer describes beer from a brewing company that is small and independent- but those terms are also not consistently defined.

Some of those best-known international beers are brewed to a high standard on an industrial scale, but those breweries typically focus on brewing one kind of beer. Craft brewers tend to brew many different styles, and their specials line-up can change seasonally, as they are smaller and more nimble operations.  The spirit of the craft beer community is a big part of its identity. The brewers tend to be creative, innovative and fun, with a constant drive for improved quality and flavour. This is why you will often find your local independent brewer brewing a beer with another brewery. Rather than be in competition, breweries work in collaboration to see what they can come up with together. While some “craft” beers can be really big and complex or challenging, independent brewers also create plenty of excellent everyday beers, for every beer drinker to love! So when you see the word “craft” just think of a smaller, regional brewery. A neighbourhood business, rather than global company.